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* Launch of Justori

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Languages have their own families. For example, Bengali and English are both descendants of Indo-European languages making them fifth cousins while Farsi and Bengali are fourth cousins and neither are related to Arabic – a Semitic language, descendant of Afro-Asiatic languages.

The only language in this world of 6909 living languages with no relative anywhere is Basque, known as a language isolate.


What started as a chance encounter with a six year old in Dubai to narrate a mythological story over an inedible hardened stuffed bread, gave birth to Justori – a platform to listen to any story told by anybody from anywhere in any language.

It is only natural that the journey of Justori begins in Mauritius, the adopted home of the founder, Pratik Ghosh but it also is a land of amazing tales at the confluence of Indian, European, African and Chinese languages and cultures.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ? Maya Angelou


Justori aspires to be a community of individuals across the world to share the common heritage of humanity through stories. Despite the cacophony of languages, the differences in our races, beliefs, social and economic status, stories by people from lands near and far, make us realize that our joys, sorrows, love, fear, aspirations and apprehensions are just the same. As we will listen to these voices, without our mind being cluttered by canned images that make us believe that we are very different and have got different circumstances, we maybe again liberated to imagine and visualize our commonality. Embedded into their circumstances we may start again to share their joys and woes. The seeming differences in our values from where we stand today cannot be the reason why we shouldn'."'".'t look for the bridges those connect us. It may be many miles down the stream but at Justori we are convinced that there are several of such bridges. Let us discover those common threads of humanity.

“We are more alike my friends than we are unalike”. ? Maya Angelou

Colour Code of Language Family in Justori

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There are 176 languages to choose from in Justori. The languages are ordered by default as first the top 16 most spoken languages in the world, followed by the remaining 160 languages in alphabetic order.

A language is denoted by its international two letter code inside a coloured circle where the colour indicates the language family. For some languages where the two letter code do not exist, Justori has taken the liberty to assign one. For example, Mauritian Creole is denoted by “QM”.

The Locale/Accent feature helps a listener to localise the story at a country level. Thus if a story is told in French but with a Mauritian accent it would have “FR” for French inscribed inside a coloured circle denoting Romance as the global language family and under Locale, the Mauritian flag indicating the local influence of the story

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