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Any resemblance to real person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. But these fictions are our realities …..

Dr. Tamasha Paul, Internal Medicine Specialist, Kolkata, India

Her patients are mostly Bengali speakers (ranks 4th in the world among first language speakers). Kolkata being way closer than Dhaka from the bordering areas, many are from Bangladesh (population 165m million). Dr. Paul is finding difficult to balance her humungous workload with her family and social commitments.

The problem

Dr. Paul gets phone calls, WhatsApp messages, and emails all day long. She has got a secretary and tried out appointment booking applications. Most of her patients are mobile phone savvy (Bangladesh 157m subscribers in 2018) but are not comfortable in typing out in English (Bangladesh ranks 15/25 in Asia with English proficiency score of 48.11). The patients generally have simple follow-up questions about continuation of a medicine or unavailability of a medicine that she has prescribed or some supplementary queries. She has heard of doctor-on-demand video chat facilities but social and economic considerations outweigh the benefit.


Dr. Paul came across Justori when a patient sought her opinion about a podcast on public health made on Justori that he shared with her on a WhatsApp message. While trying to find out how she too can podcast on Justori, she realized that her patients can make a request or query in Bengali by simply recording it on the Justori app. The patients can attach their blood report or an image at the same time and send it securely across to her. No longer has she had to share her mobile no. or get calls at inconvenient times. She can even plan when during the day she can attend to these queries. Instead of trying to reach her whole day long, her patients too can track status of their queries and get their responses on their devices. Afterwards the secretary can file everything in the respective patient folders held at the practice. Meanwhile she can indeed podcast for the world to listen and engage with her.

Mon. le Maire Pierre Cohen, Combraie, France

Following a tough electoral battle Mon. Cohen has been re-elected having promised an environment friendly, secured and clean city that will ensure its multi-cultured residents of varying social backgrounds, professions and age, a greater participation in the affairs of the town. Now it is time to deliver on his promises.

The problem

During the campaign the citizens have complained about from overflowing bins to increase in crime. They are tired of listening to the same call-centre music and promotions as they wait to be answered. Mon Cohen has enquired and found that the departments are well equipped with latest tools and systems. Yet he was surprised to find that it was not readily possible to find out how many pending citizen requests there are, let alone what their state of completion or where the bottlenecks are.


As Mon. le Maire strained his eyes over the small prints of text on his iPhone looking for a suitable workplace collaboration software, he came across Justori. Citizens can make their complaints or even send their reviews by simply talking them over – in French, English, Arabic - n’est pas de quoi! Attach pictures, tag location, select from the services and boom! The message gets redirected to the actual officer responsible who can then set up time to complete and delegate tasks to convened team members. Then it works quite like a WhatsApp group except a) members get in and out as they finish their respective tasks while the comments remain visible to new members; b) supervising officers all along get to see the exchanges and c) the tasks appear on every engaged member’s panel in order of criticality to complete. Citizens get status feedback on their app all along. Also reviews by citizens in their own voices are automatically uploaded on the Metropole’s website. The adverse reviews, though the metropole is not obliged to publish, can be requested to be deferred from being made public while it is being amicably resolved. Citizen could also participate by sending out their podcast about the town that can be automatically uploaded on the website of the metropole.

Ms. Deyana Al Massri, Social Activiste, Beirut, Lebanon

Deyana, 28 is a young, bright analysts at one of the top IT Consulting company in Beirut. But she has a life after work when instead of partying and going out with her friends, with an informally organized group of like-minded friends she engages on a variety of social projects to help refugees living in slums or even worse those who have nowhere to live.

The problem

Lebanon hosts the largest number of refugees per capita, some 1.5 million Syrians and 20,000 of other origins besides some 200,000 Palestine refugees under UNRWA’s mandate. Over 30% of the Syrian refugees live in makeshift informal tented settlements or non-residential structures like garages. The COVID-19 crisis resulted in over 60% of Syrian refugees being laid of permanently and 30% temporarily. Caught totally unprepared and absolutely nothing to fall back on coupled with barriers to movements the refugee communities were in total disarray. And then came the Beirut port explosion.


Deyana had been listening to the justalk series on Justori. Her friend Amal has embarked on a project of citizen interview by podcasting her conversations with talented people she knew from her own circles. Only probing a little deeper Deyana realized that Justori offers a free service to anyone trying to help out during a major calamity. She can at once set up a call-centre kind of service, in fact much better. It is amazingly simple. She sent out a Justell from her app to JustoHelp to register her informal organization. All she needed was to attach an article published on An-Nahar about her work. It could have been anything – a copy of a certificate or a letter from an MP. Boom!!! A sub-account was created. She had access to the Jusvista lounge where she added her network of friends as operators. Her “Help the Allajiin” was listed as a function under JustoHelp in the Arabic script. Anyone can now send her a request for help using Justori from a mobile phone or from the browser. She can delegate to her friends to collect supplies and deliver them to the needy nearby them. Deyana can monitor the progress from home, intervene or even add to the team who can hit the ground running as all prior comments become visible to them. She is now thinking of reaching out to her Lebanese friends in Rio to join in to help her raise finance and directly oversee and engage in actions on the ground by becoming super-users. No longer have they needed to worry if their donations are reaching the beneficiaries.

Bob Tomson, Managing Partner, HR Consulting firm, Reading, UK

Bob Tomson started his HR Consulting firm 10 years ago. It now maintains a global network of practitioners who specialise in organisational change and long-term improvement. Pooling together the rich experience of dealing with HR issues from across the globe is giving the young firm a great competitive edge.

The problem

Bob realizes that the firm’s best ambassadors are its clients while its biggest assets are its deeply knowledgeable associates. As standard practice, the firm’s website puts up testimonials from its clients and beneficiaries. The website also runs featured articles by experts discussing organizational issues that generates great interest among the visitors to their websites. However, while coordinating the task of collecting, curating and continually reinvigorating the content are challenges, Bob feels that mere written words be it reviews or articles do not reflect adequately the intensity of the messages. Besides, the odd negative reviews or remarks on social media cause more harm than the good a positive review brings.


While Bob was thinking about recording interviews of his associates over Zoom and posting them on website, he stumbled upon podcasting over Justori and publishing them using the Jusvista SaaS solution. His associates may from their own Justori mobile phone app record speeches directly on Justori or upload pre-recorded ones. The shared podcast appears seamlessly on the Jusvista panel of the assigned marketing staff who can pick her editorial team to curate the podcast or just simply allow it to appear on the firm’s website. As a “super user”, Bob too can listen to the podcast and give his input, shared across the editorial team. The same process is applicable for the written contents. No longer Bob needs to wonder what is holding up an article from being published – all tasks appear on everyone’s Jusvista panel in order of criticality of the task vis-à-vis the time estimated to accomplish it. Reviews made by clients are channeled similarly to the marketing personnel responsible for client feedback. Again the positive ones can automatically be uploaded on the website but more crucially, the firm gets a chance to resolve with an aggrieved client any negative issue. This creates a win-win for both the firm and the client instead of the current situation where Bob gets to know about the problem only after it is out in the open on social media.

Ash Dibiroy, CEO, Pharma Company, Miami, Florida, USA

While over the last decade pharmacology has been taking a backseat at medical schools, drug information has increased and the need to monitor drug selection to curtail costs has widened. Mr. Dibirov has been pondering over the best way for positive interactions between the pharma industry and the physicians (and increasingly the clinical pharmacies), that sits at the heart of drug selection and thus the bottom-line for him.

The problem

With physicians ever so busy, it is becoming difficult to brief physicians about drugs let alone engage with them. Besides Mr. Dibiroy feels that the company should have greater engagements with clinical pharmacists who are getting better in collecting and analyzing clinical drug data which can help in post- marketing surveillance. In this highly competitive industry neither increasing the number of medical rep  is an option nor it is possible to improve the turnaround time of the reps who ranks low in priority for physicians to attend to thus spend a lot of time in travelling and waiting at the physicians.


Mr. Dibiroy came across a podcast on Justori about Role of Methylcobalamine in Oligospermia. He realized that his reps can simply record their pitch directly from their mobile devices on Justori or they could even pre-record and upload. However, over the Jusvista SaaS platform it can go through the approval process before being transferred to the company account. As a super-user he too can listen, make his observation and monitor how timely the podcasts are produced. The podcasts can be circulated at once to circles of physicians as determined by the company. The physicians could also listen at their pre-determined time thus they neither get disturbed nor they miss out. Whilst listening, physicians may also read the literature and send out his general comment or even send out a specific Jusnote or a Justell directly to you. Furthermore, the company can get a host of statistics based on listening duration and a host of demographic data. Meanwhile, the company can reach out to more physicians and also clinical pharmacists.

Review, Promotions and Client Services

Interview clients directly and publish instantaneously. Let clients be readily in touch with your different services. Promote your offerings as and when the situation arises. Monitor your services to ensure that they are delivered on time exceeding client expectation.

The problem

Say, you are managing a boutique hotel. You would like to give your guests a lifetime experience so that they go on coming back to you and get others to come over. You would like them to stay in touch with you wherever they are in the hotel or outside visiting the place so that they can tell you if they need anything. While WhatsApp message is simply not professional enough as the privacy of the guest is violated, there isn’t a backend system to monitor the status of the resultant task. Also, your guests are your best ambassadors. But would your guest like to be on a video making a review? Besides, producing a video involves significant logistics and cost.


As the guest steps in or even before, they can be on the Justori channel of your hotel on their mobile phone. Using the Following feature Justori has become your dedicated podcasting station. You may podcast any event and promotional offers as and when you feel for your guests to be notified wherever they are – in or away from the hotel. You may even get your staff to record short audio interviews at the right time with no preparation or set up which can be aired readily. It cost you virtually nothing and you can do as frequently as you wish.

Order Processing, Task Management

Make huge savings on expensive systems, training and management time. No longer have you needed to receive orders in diverse ways and keep track of them often losing sight of the status. You can now afford what big companies spend fortunes to have. Plus you get more.

The problem

Say, you are a growing business. Your resources are limited while you need to provide impeccable services to ever demanding clients. Your systems have organically grown and are far from being fully depreciated. You still need to wear many hats to oversee different aspects of your business from customer service to debtor management.


Streamline the way your business receives requests to supply goods to your customers. Your customers may directly make requests from your website or use the Justell application from their mobile devices. They may attach order forms and images of goods required. The order can be received in one section for processing, sent across to the stores for delivery while the accounts can keep track of the debtor. All is done seamlessly while you can find status of all tasks straight from your Jusvista Lounge ordered by their respective criticality with respect to time to close them.

Advise, Counsel, Mentor, Pitch, Teach, Train

Teach a subject, share your knowledge, give valued advice, promote your services or make a sales pitch. Leveraging your knowledge capital and using your eloquence and lucidity, keep your current and potential clients up to date straight from your mobile phone at anytime from anywhere. The informality of spoken words are often more effective in conveying complex issues than written texts.

The Problem

While written words may be the easiest to produce contents, with the advent of video, reading has been on steady decline the world over. Now we see too much and believe too fast. Yet it is not easy to produce a video, particularly a professional one. Besides it doesn’t come cheap, the logistic and the esthetics need humungous consideration and efforts to get them right. Then once a video is published, one has to live with it until a new one is produced when the attributes of the old ones such as likes, comments are lost.

The Solution

Voice paints picture that eyes cannot see. Spoken words is the most natural medium of communication for the mankind that transcends formality and mastery that one needs to express in writing. One can simply record or upload pre-recorded narratives on Justori from their standard smart phones. There is no limit on duration and one may effortlessly join together sections of narratives, produced as and when. These sections may be replaced, reordered or even re-recorded. Any changes may be done even after publication without affecting the attributes earned. The podcasts may be heard over Justori and shared on social and digital medium. A podcast may be for public or for private followers or produced for a member business to appear under its account. One may add documents, images, URL and text for listeners to consult while listening. While these facilities are available for free to any Justorian, professional users may use Jusvista for better client relationship and management. They may then automatically place podcasts on their websites for public consumption or on designated premium pages that clients maybe paying to access. Clients too can make queries and reviews and get personalized services over Justell.

Multi-business, Multi-function, Multi-discipline, Multi-location

With increasing specialization teams are not just becoming more multi-disciplinary but also becoming diverse with members from different locations, time zones and even belonging to different organizations.

The problem

To kill time, the best weapon is meeting. Jumping on a collaboration platform makes it only a virtual killing field. Organizing a meeting requires presence of several people at the same time which farther compounds problems with cross-border teams and employees working in fields. While physical contacts even when it is digitally simulated has its benefits, it seldom concludes a task.            


Jusvista is designed with the ultimate focus to complete a task. While the end-to-end responsibility to accomplish the task rests with the assigned operator within a function, the responsible operator may create a team drawing from members within the function; from other functions within the organization – represented by ambassadors; and/or external resources. Conversely, anyone can take upon tasks from multiple businesses. The Jusvista lounge provides an aggregated display of notifications and allows profile switching to different organizations from a single login credential. Due to the asynchronous mode of communication, it is not necessary for team members to be present at the same time. Jusvista encourages all mode of communication and collaboration but keeps team actions visible to all team members to instill sense of accountability and responsibility to accomplish the task at hand on time.  

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