Case Studies

Converse with your Client

JusBiz is a voice workflow service provided through mobile and web-based applications, a specially designed platform and embedding codes. The service allows businesses to receive from customers on their Justori Business platform audio reviews, requests (or orders) and queries together with text, images and URLs. The audios from customers can be heard over the business website and processed for analysis by designated users of the business. Also businesses can produce audio materials on Justori that visitors to their website and their private followers on Justori may listen to.

You are a Boutique Hotel? Select Plan

You have got your captive ambassadors for several days with you. Without being intrusive, pick the right time and the right staff to use the opportunity to record their experiences. It will take less than a couple of minutes for your happy guests to express the good moments they are having.

Let your guests get to know your key staff and how they are preparing to receive them well before they even step in. Not by just pictures of their faces or lifeless printed words attributed to them, but hearing them out in their own voices. Compared to making a video production, it will cost you almost nothing and yet it can be regularly updated or changed altogether at any time.

Get your young staff to use their creativity and energy to engage in producing Justories and leverage its rich features to provide value-added services. For example, if there is spare capacity at a particular time, guests can be notified of promotional offers. Similarly, guests can send voice notes to different services from anywhere, at any time. The status of these engagements may be monitored as well.

  • Restaurants
  • Leisure Centres
  • Resorts

You are a Webzine? Select Plan

Create your own web-radio service except your listeners can listen to your programmes at any time. Receive justories from your contributors. Once you accept them, the stories can be automatically available for visitors to browse and listen. Along with the texts of published materials, you can provide complete or extracted audio versions.

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Media

You are a Wholesaler? Select Plan

Streamline the way your business receives requests to supply goods to your retailers. Your retailers may directly make requests from your website or use the Justell application from their mobile devices. They even can attach order forms and images of goods required. As you can monitor the status of various requests received, your client can also be kept aware of the status of their requests. Make huge savings on expensive systems, training and management time.

  • Distributor
  • Wine Merchant
  • Consumer Goods

You are a Local Authority? Select Plan

Stay in touch with citizens. Let them have their say and let them know of your good work. Send out important notifications and receive requests for services. Save on call centres and be more transparent in delivering citizen centric services.

  • Government Services
  • NGO
  • Customer Service

You are a Health Service Provider? Select Plan

Leveraging your knowledge capital, use your eloquence and lucidity to keep your current and potential clients up to date on preventive care. The informality of spoken words are often more effective in conveying complex issues than written texts.

Allow your clients to capture and communicate verbally their symptoms exactly at the time they occur and as they occurred. Similarly, let your instructions to your clients be available verbatim all the time. All in complete confidentiality.

  • Educational Institutes
  • Trainers
  • Mentors

You are a Consultant? Select Plan

Produce easily digestible audio bytes of your well-researched analysis and valued opinion to tease your clients. Creatively engage your bright work force to interview beneficiaries and stakeholders to turn them into your brand champions.

  • Financial
  • Security
  • Environment

You are a Wellness Service Provider? Select Plan

Let your clients carry your message to your next client. For each of your services let a new voice express gratitude everyday.

  • Spa
  • Health Clubs
  • Nutritionists

You are a Pharma Company? Select Plan

The last patient had left. Still the gentleman with a tired smile had to be heard, or so he believed, as the doctor switches off his mind at the end of a long hard day. Let us be your representative. Notify doctors served by you each time there is a new product or a new information to share. Let the doctors learn about these at their time and you can be happy knowing that you have been actually heard the full length of it or not depending really on what you have to offer.

  • Sales
  • Business Development
  • Investment Products

Think creatively. Justori Business can make a big difference to the way you do your business.

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