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How to Administer JusVista


  • Select the Plan and Register for the free trial;
  • Verify your email address to enter Member area and change password;
  • Go through the instructions under the Overview Section of the Jusvista Lounge;
  • Set up your organizational functions, roles and assign roles to users of the main function and add sub-admins of other functions to do the same for their respective functions.


  • Customise look and feel of your iframes for Reviews and Podcasts (Justories) to appear on your websites and other channels;
  • Modify your HTML page to insert the embedded code(s) at the desired places on your website;
  • Create containers in your website admin panel to place embedded codes for individual Justories;
  • It helps to have the Justori app downloaded on mobile device. This is mandatory for users involved in production and management of Justories.


  • From their respective Jusvista lounges designated users to monitor, manage and approve reviews by your clients to appear on website;
  • Designated users to receive queries and requests to attend to deliver client services;
  • Designated users to receive, transfer and publish Justories submitted by external contributors;
  • From Jusvista admin panel, generate individual Justori codes and copy/paste at your website admin panel.


1. What is an embedded code?

Embedded code is a line of code used to insert contents from another source to your webpage. Here the embedded codes will display justories produced by you or reviews relating to your services published by your clients. These contents will be hosted by

2. Who will modify our HTML page to insert the embedded code(s)?

Your website administrator or developer. He/she will have to make a few minor adjustments on your website to accommodate this new feature which may be a rectangle frame or simply an icon.

3. How will we get reviews, queries and requests?

Your clients may use Justori or its lighter version Justell to record and send their reviews, queries or requests. One may download on mobile device either of the two for universal usage or use the web version of Justell.

4. How Visible Team Action (VisTA) helps us delivering client services on time?

VisTA works by creating a transparent and collaborative environment where team members share responsibilities and stay accountable to each other. The primary contact (or the admin) of each function assign an operator to take end-to-end responsibility of delivering a task. The operator decides on the time and makes his team from other registered users of the function. The task then appears on the Jusvista lounge of the selected team members until they are retired. Super-users of the function (a boss, the managers – there may be more than one) also get to see the task and intervene, as necessary, from their respective lounges. The assigned operator, using a team comment box delegates subtasks to team members. On the same comment box (just like a Whatsapp group now), everybody reports on the outcome, need, resolutions etc. The status of the task is shown with respect to the time set to accomplish it and the current action (primarily processing or expecting response from client). Tasks appear in the lounge in order of criticality – out-of-control, overshooting and within time. Exchanges between the operator and the client are done over Justell and can be viewed from the task bar.

5. Will all reviews be published on our website?

Only those reviews approved by you will be available from your website.

6. How will we publish and share Justories from our websites?

All podcasts are produced using Justori in the usual manner. Podcast may be produced for Public, Private (internal to your organization) consumption and produced by a third party for the business to approve and upload under its account. Except the latter, all automatically appear in designated part of your website as designed by you. This is done by simply inserting the respective iframe in your HTML code. You may also generate individual podcast code to post on your social media channels, on your website or shared over emails. Podcast sent by third parties follow the VisTA process to get approved, transferred to your account, re-edited, if necessary, and automatically published in the usual manner for either public or private consumption.

7. Are there any restrictions on how many Justories, Reviews, Queries and Requests we can store?

Besides the storage space allocated as per your plan, there is no intermediate restrictions. The following table provides an indicative understanding of overall items you may have of different types based on average sizes.

Indicative Use Pro Primary Popular Premium
No of Reviews 200 1000 2000 5000
No of Queries 400 2000 4000 8000
No of Request 400 2000 4000 8000
No of Justories (draft and publish) 150 1000 2000 5000
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