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Privacy Policy

  1. We collect information that is shared with us or posted or uploaded by our registered users.
  2. We collect information relating to use of our Service by our users, services we offer through our partners as well as device and browser information of our users.
  3. We may use cookies and other technologiesto collect such information.
  4. Information we collect is used to operate and improve the Services and develop new services.
  5. The information may also be used to provide our users with personalized information and targeted advertisements.
  6. We may share the information collected with our affiliates or business partners.
  7. Should our users have any privacy related complaint, they may address their complaints to report@justori.com.
  8. We may revise the privacy policy from time to time and the updated privacy policy will be available on our website www.justori.com
  9. We may also share information collected to any third party where we are required to do so by any applicable law.

What information we collect and why

  1. We allow our users to either record their stories directly using the features of the device or upload stories from the cloud directories belonging to the users.
  2. Stories are saved in our servers and accessed over the internet for listening.
  3. We collect the identity of your device such that your stories cannot be accessed by unauthorized users and tampered with so long you make us aware of your lost or stolen device.
  4. We collect information about the device to provide our users with the best-fit design for your device and the most efficient use of the operating system of the device
  5. To provide you with the most appropriate content, we collect information about your age, gender and location. We also seek access to your device camera and gallery such that you can post images for the cover pages of the stories and other images relevant to your stories and make your profile picture.
  6. When you are recording, for the best use of your bandwidth and in case of any undue interruptions which may lead to loss of your recording, we save the story first in your device. We need to thus find space in your storage. Once your story is transferred to our server, we clear up the space we used.
  7. A good quality recording with minimal effort requires several preparations. By taking care of various audio and display settings we ensure that your phone is on silent mode (you can still pause your recording and take your call) and the screen doesn’t go to sleep thus ensuring that you have full control over your recording screen at all time without interruptions.