About us

I was on my way back to Mauritius from India when I was invited to spend the transit night at my friend’s place in Dubai. My friend and I settled down at one corner of the living room to catch up while at the other end my friend’s six year old son fussed over an Indian stuffed flat bread that he refused to eat for his dinner. I asked to see the bread. Indeed, having been heated in the microwave, the bread had hardened and could hardly be eaten. So I likened it to the Chakra, the disc-like guillotine carried by Vishnu – one of the Indian gods. As the little boy was unaware of this mythological fact, I started telling him the story about the chakra. The intense moment was captured on my friend’s smartphone and JUSTORI was born precisely at 19:18:41 hours on 24 September 2016. The journey of JUSTORI started to become the home for digital narration where anyone from anywhere in the world can just pick up a smartphone to tell a story as easily as I told my story to my young friend.

A whiz-kid nephew of mine from Canada guided me to the first few steps. A childhood school mate from the USA held my hand to put in place the development process. A team of young developers from India whom I never had to meet physically, delivered JUSTORI on time. Some friends and sometimes complete strangers from all over the world formed a network of well-wishers to incubate the idea of JUSTORI and gradually gave it the shape it has got today. Now a whole set of exciting new features are already planned to take JUSTORI, which is already a unique social sharing platform for spoken words, to greater heights. However, life into JUSTORI is injected by its members who tell stories, recite poems, record anecdotes told by family members and community elders, translate and narrate works of giants and minnows, promote their culture and interest, champion social causes, listen to stories told by others and engage with each other. So, JUSTORI is about us only.

Pratik Ghosh