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Install Justori

​From Appstore download Justori. It is completely free. As requested please allow access to all device features. Insert your email address twice. A One-Time-Pin (OTP) will be sent to your email.

Verify Email address

​​Check your email for the OTP sent by While you wait for the OTP to arrive, you may proceed to register and start using Justori as guest user. Note that sometimes the OTP mail ends up in the spam.


​Provide basic information about yourself and accept the Terms of using Justori. Later from the Settings, you may add more information about yourself for enhanced services.

Enjoy !

Questions and Answers

Can I use Justori from Desktop ?

You may only listen to stories from this website of Justori. To tell or upload stories you may only do from your smartphone. To comment, rate or engage with other members, you also need to use your smartphone.

Do I need to get an OTP each time I use Justori ?

You only need to get an OTP when you first register and whenever you login afresh. If you simply close your app and return later, you do not need OTP verification. In case you don’t find the OTP email in your inbox, please check in your spam box where sometimes it may end up.

Must I give the permissions requested to use Justori ?

Yes or else Justori will not work properly. You may find under our privacy policy why permissions are requested to access various features of your device. Generally for Android users all permissions are taken during the installation. For iOS users, minimal permissions are taken during installation and others are taken when specific features are used during operation. (Eg. Permission to manage phone calls is needed to ensure that while Justori is in use for recording stories, incoming phone calls are still given priority. Android requires this permission during installation while iOS will request each time you use the recorder).

How do I get started once I am a registered Justorian?

Modify the default set up under Language and Genre by choosing up to a maximum of 5 of your preferred languages and genres. Click the Filter icon at the respective bars to display the list of available Languages and Genres. If you do not have any specific preference for Genre, select All (Recommended). Follow other Justorians by clicking the little man icon from the stories itself. Explore the rich features of Justori - Autostream, Studio, Voice Note, Lounge etc.If in doubt, listen to the Help audios under Setting or consult the Help and Tips (Hyperlink to Help and Tips)

Does Justori use a lot of space on my smartphone ?

No! None of your draft and published stories, voice notes and lounge feed are stored on your device. Only if you download a story to listen offline, it will be stored on your device and you can safely delete it at any time.

Can I upload stories that I already have ?

You can both record directly or upload pre-recorded stories. You can tell stories in sections and any section can also be either directly recorded or uploaded. You will have complete flexibility in managing your story sections and any detail that you may provide.

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