Justell Record Reviews, Complaints and Requests

Clients Talk about and Talk to Business

  • Make up to 2 minutes long Voice Reviews, Complaints and Requests in your preferred language
  • For poor services, don’t just vent out frustration, give a chance to business to make good of your grievances
  • Attach supporting documents, images, URL
  • Send RCR directly to responsible person in Business to attend to
  • Monitor status of the task from MyBiz (Web & Mobile Device)

Businesses Engage with Clients

  • Receive audio Reviews, Complaints and Requests
  • Receive and publish Juscasts from contributors
  • Use VISTA methodology to deliver service
    • Workflow to responsible officer
    • Estimate time to complete
    • Make internal teams
    • Collaborate with third party services
    • Monitor progress of tasks
    • Keep client informed of task status
    • Appraise team members at completion of the task
    • Transfer tasks to another BU for follow-up work
  • SAAS solution - no major installation or training required
  • Enjoy benefits of a Justori member
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